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In-wall SandTrap

Model # STAIW


The STAIW accommodates an array of in-wall speaker cut-outs.

            Each quartered part = 6 in wide  x  8 3/4  in long  x  1 in deep. 
            The inner speaker clamping surface = 1/4 in deep  x  1 in wide.

            In-wall cut-out dimensions:  
            Height = more than  6 in  to 12 1/4 in   
            Width  = more than  6 in  to  8 1/2 in

            Insert each quartered part through the speaker cut-out 
            Use an adhesive to hold in place. 
            We use 3M Strip Calk.

            Clamp the speaker to the SandTrap.  

             Note: We now provide a hole in the clamping surface of each STAIW
             quartered part to insert a string to allow retrieval if dropped in the wall.

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