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Speaker Tuning System

Market Target
Custom audio/video dealers who offer and install premium in-wall/ceiling speaker systems.

Target Issue
Custom speakers mounted in sheet-rock generate muddy mid-bass, harsh mid-range, and
forfeit decibel level.  The source of this distortion lies in the inherent out-of-phase resonance
of sheet-rock. 

Unwanted resonance is the issue.  Managing resonance is the solution.
Re-tune sheet-rock mounted speaker systems with a mechanism that minimizes unwanted
resonance -- creating tighter bass, warmer vocals, and revived decibel level.

The SandTrap
in-ceiling version
The SandTrap re-tunes sheet-rock speaker system resonance via a sand-filled ABS plastic
hollow framed birch wood backed speaker baffle.  
The sand filling provides more net mass
than the staple of speaker cabinet construction --- medium density fiberboard.  Sand increases
frame weight from approximately an empty 1.25 lbs to a sand-filled 5 lbs.  We employ the
increased mass to re-tune and minimize oscillating sheet-rock resonance.

Each baffle is quartered and shipped as empty hollow components.  Each is sand filled 
on-site by the installer with sand provided by the dealer.  This "ship-empty" "sand fill on-site"
feature significantly reduces shipping cost which permits high dealer profit at an easy to sell
retail price of only $69.99.

The Distortion Gap
This graph exposes a vast distorting gap with an average 10 db loss from 600 Hz to 1.5 KHz
of a Paradigm P65-R in-ceiling speaker mounted in an infinite baffle sheet-rock enclosure.
The gap is the result of out-of-phase sheet-rock resonance.  Sheet-rock destroys the heart
of music and movie sound tracks.

 Before Graph

Bridging the Gap

The following graph clearly illustrates the sand-tuned result of the SandTrap reviving the
previously cited sheet-rock mounted Paradigm custom speaker.  It positively -- measurably
and demonstrably -- reversed the distorting effects of sheet-rock.

After Graph

The Close

The SandTrap is a low cost, profitable (Up to 64% GP), measurable demonstrably solution and
sales tool to close big ticket project sales.  

Improve performance
Promote your custom expertise
Make money.