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Product Specifications
Custom Audio/Video Dealers Only

The SandTrap is a sand-filled
ABS plastic framed birch wood backed
speaker baffle.  Each baffle is quartered and shipped as empty
hollow components.  Each is sand-filled on-site by the installer with
sand provided by the dealer. This 'ship-empty 'sand-fill on-site' feature
significantly reduces shipping cost which permits high dealer profit at 
an easy to sell
retail price.

Easy Install.  

The SandTrap is installed through the custom speaker cut-out and held
in place by an adhesive.  
The speaker is subsequently installed through
the cut-out and clamped to the re-tuned SandTrap surface.

More Mass than MDF  
Sand provides more net mass than the staple of speaker cabinet
construction -- medium density fiberboard.
 Sand increases the
SandTrap weight from approximately an empty 1.25 lbs to a sand-filled
8 lbs.  We employ the increased mass to re-tune speaker system
resonance, minimize sheet-rock distortion, maximize audio fidelity.

The Specs
This graph exposes a vast distorting gap with an average 10 db loss
from 600 Hz to 1.5 kHz of a Paradigm P65-R in-ceiling speaker
mounted in an infinite baffle sheet-rock enclosure.  The gap is the result
distorting out-of-phase sheet-rock resonance.  Sheetrock simply
destroys the heart of music and movie soundtracks.


The following graph illustrates the result of the SandTrap reviving
previously cited Paradigm in-ceiling speaker.  It positively
-- measurably
and demonstrably -- reversed the distorting effects of sheet-rock.

The SandTrap is available in two versions

STAIC In-ceiling SandTrap
STAIW In-wall SandTrap 

Improve Performance,  Make Money,
Promote Your Custom Expertise