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Product & Specifications
Limited Sales Distrbution / Custom AV Dealers Only

The SandTrap is a sand-filled
ABS plastic framed birch wood backed
speaker baffle.  Each baffle is quartered and shipped as empty
hollow components.  Each is sand-filled on-site by the installer with
sand provided by the dealer. This 'ship-empty 'sand-fill on-site' feature
significantly reduces shipping cost which permits high dealer profit at 
an easy to sell
retail price.

More Mass than MDF  
Sand provides more net mass than the staple of speaker cabinet
construction -- medium density fiberboard.
 Sand increases the
SandTrap weight from approximately an empty 1.25 lbs to a sand-filled
5 lbs. We employ the increased mass to re-tune speaker system
resonance, minimize sheet-rock distortion, maximize audio fidelity.

The Specs

This graph exposes a vast distorting gap with an average 10 db loss
from 600 Hz to 1.5 kHz of a Paradigm P65-R in-ceiling speaker
mounted in an infinite baffle sheet-rock enclosure. The gap is the result
distorting out-of-phase sheet-rock resonance.  Sheet-rock simply
destroys the heart of music and movie soundtracks.


The following graph illustrates the result of the SandTrap reviving
previously cited Paradigm in-ceiling speaker.  It positively
-- measurably
and demonstrably -- reversed the distorting effects of sheet-rock.

Easy Install.

The SandTrap is installed through the existing custom speaker cut-out
held in place by an adhesive. The speaker is subsequently installed
through the cut-out and clamped to the re-tuned SandTrap surface.

Easy Sell.  
The SandTrap
is a low cost tool that can close your big ticket sales.  
Mesuarable demonstrable performance at a low
retail price ($69.99) is
easy to sell. 
Add free shipping plus high gross profit & that makes money.

The SandTrap accommodates prevailing premium custom
in-wall & in-ceiling speaker brands

STAIC In-ceiling SandTrap


STAIW In-wall SandTrap 

Improve Performance,  Make Money,
Promote Your Custom Expertise