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The SandTrap Story
Custom Installed In-wall/ceiling
peaker Tuning System

It's a sunny January California morning.  I'm living a comfortable retired
life; drinking
coffee with my daughter and three sons at a favorite haunt.  
We're engaged in
the great American pastime of concocting new product
ideas.  Some ha
ve a thread of credibility. Then I offered, "Isolating baffles
for custom speakers." That comment 
produced baffled looks that asked, 
hy would anybody want one?

Consumers spend premium dollars for speakers that can't be seen.  
Well --- they're less visible.  The audio industry promotes these speakers
as custom installed speaker systems.  The good versions are not cheap.  
They range from $600 to well over $1000 per pair --- plus installation.  

The issue -- They are installed in sheet-rock walls and ceilings.  
Sheet-rock is made of paper, glue, and chalk.  This is not a good
material for reproducing sound from any speaker.  

Mounting a speaker in sheet-rock is much as selecting a set of guitar
strings for their potential increased volume and greater sustain; then
stringing the set on an acoustic guitar made of corrugated cardboard.  
This is not recommended. Similarly, sheet-rock compromises the sound
of custom installed speaker systems.  Sheet-rock mounted speakers
generate muddy mid-bass, harsh vocals, and forfeit decibel level.  

"OK Dad", they asked, "What are you proposing?"  I propose to add an
isolating mounting surface behind the sheet-rock and speaker; a surface
that minimizes sheet-rock induced distortion by re-tuning the speaker
system resonance.  This will result in tighter mid-bass, warmer vocals,
and higher decibel level.  This is particularly well suited for the $600
to $800 per pair speaker category.  My isolating baffle will squeeze
enough improved performance to compete with much more expensive
custom models.  

To my surprise they were still listening.  So I continued.  I would offer
this solution to custom audio/video dealers at a dealer price that would
make it impracticable for the dealers to build baffles themselves.  They
will be easy to install; and I would offer the baffles at a retail price that
makes consumers and dealers smile.  I then outlined how it could be

They looked at me and said, "Dad, it's a no brainer ---- do it."  That's
how I exited retirement and became the captain of SandTrap Audio.

Captain Ed