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Custom Installed In-wall/ceiling

Speaker Tuning System

Listen to our demonstration
CEDIA Expo Sept 2019 
Innovation Alley Booth 3154


   Sheet-rock distorts sound.
   Speakers mounted in sheet-rock generate muddy mid-bass,
   harsh midrange, and forfeit decibel. This distortion is caused  
   by the inherent resonance of sheet-rock.

   To the rescue
he SandTrap reverses sheet-rock distortion. It reclaims the 
   performance you
paid for tighter mid-bass, warmer mid-range, 
restored decibel level.

   Priced right.
   The easy to install SandTrap speaker tuning system
   prevailing premium custom in-wall/ceiling speaker brands at a
retail price of only $69.99

Improve Performance, Make Money,
Promote Your Custom Expertise

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