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The SandTrap
  Patented Architectural Speaker Tuning System

Reclaim The Performance You Paid For
Tighter bass, warmer vocals, increased decibel level

In-ceiling SandTrap

This is a measurable, demonstrable solution
for custom architectural in-wall/ceiling speaker systems.

Sheetrock Distorts
Speakers mounted in paper, chalk, and glue -- Sheetrock -- generate muddy bass, harsh mid-range vocals, and forfeit decibel level -- distortion caused by the inherent unwanted resonance of Sheetrock.  Sheetrock -- destroys the heart of music and movie soundtracks.


To The Rescue

The SandTrap custom installed architectural speaker tuning system reverses sheetrock distortion.  The SandTrap system reclaims the audio performance
you paid for --- tighter bass, warmer vocals, restored volume level.

Priced Right

The easy to install SandTrap accommodates prevailing premium brands of custom-installed in-ceiling and in-wall speaker systems. 
Only $69.99 each .... Purchase Link

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Reclaim The Performance You Paid For

Made in USA

CEDIA Expo Tech Starter 5 Winner

Patent # 11,405,719